We are the Compassionate Friends...

The mission of The Compassionate Friends is to assist families toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child of any age and to provide information to help others be supportive.

We are a national nonprofit, self-help organization with almost 600 local chapters.

The West Central Minnesota Chapter of The Compassionate Friends meets on the third Tuesday of every month at the Lakeland Health Center (lower level).

Location: Lakeland Health Center (lower level), 502 SW Second St., Willmar, Minnesota. 

Our meetings are open to all family members who are grieving the death of a child. There is no religious affiliation and no dues or fees. There is a free chapter lending library and a free monthly newsletter.

We offer a safe place for bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings to meet and talk freely about your child and your grief issues. No one is required to speak, but non-judgmental listening is expected.

For more information about our chapter, contact one of the following individuals:
Paulette Wiley (320-273-2237
Bob or Betty Herman (320-693-6782

For more information about The Compassionate Friends, visit TCF's national Web site at

                               The Compassionate Friends Credo

We need not walk alone. We are the Compassionate Friends. We reach out to each other with love, with understanding, and with hope. The children we mourn have died at all ages and from many different causes, but our love for them unites us. Your pain becomes my pain, just as your hope becomes my hope. We come together from all walks of life, from many different circumstances. We are a unique family because we represent may races, creeds, and relationships. We are young and we are old. Some of us are far along in our grief but others still feel a grief so fresh and so intensely painful that they feel helpless and see no hope. Some of us have found our faith to be a source of strength, while some of us are struggling to find answers. Some of us are angry, filled with guilt, or in deep depression, while others radiate an inner peace. But whatever pain we bring to this gathering of the Compassionate friends, it is a pain we will share, just as we share with each other our love for the children who have died. We are all seeking and struggling to build a future for ourselves, but we are committed to building a future together. We reach out to each other in love to share the pain as well as the joy, share the anger as well as the peace, share the faith as well as the doubts, and help each other to grieve as well as to grow. We need not walk alone. We are the Compassionate Friends.

~ Simon Stephens, United Kingdom 1968
Those of Us Who Have Worked Through Our GriefAnd Found There is a FutureAre The Ones Who MustMeet Others in the ValleyOf Darkness AndBring Them to the Light.

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